Production and commercialization of certified beef

With the TAURUS program we produce and certify beef controlled and certified by external consultancy firms

TAURUS integrates the needs of all the actors: producers, industry, distribution and final consumer, establishing a sustainable framework for the maintenance and development of beef cattle in Spain and Portugal. For that, the program makes and keeps stable agreements with different operators of the sector (slaughterhouses, butchering rooms and sales points).

Cattlemen covered under the TAURUS brand get a greater profitability thanks to:

  • Better zootechnical results based on a controlled food
  • Negotiation efficiency by being part of a large private group of calves with certified quality
  • A more objective system for price establishment
  • Guaranteed payment

Independent Audits

  • CERTICARCerticar SL (the auditing firm) demands self-checks and monitoring of feedlots and slaughterhouses (one audit per farm and year)
  • A binding commercialization contract is not included; animals offered by the cattleman are bought at an agreed price as per market, either live or slaughtered animals. A collaboration agreement and acceptance of the bid specifications is signed.
  • The program compels cattlemen to use Nanta food at least during the last 3 months of the fattening phase.
  • The program manages the certificates.
  • The cost for the cattlemen equals 0.
  • Inga Food takes care of the certification costs.
  • There are no commercialization costs for the cattlemen.