Swine Integration

The swine integration model, or vertical swine integration, is based on a contract agreement between Inga Food (integrating Company) and the swine producers (integrated partner) where obligations for both sides are established

Inga Food is a Company dedicated to the production and commercialization of pigs, mainly of fattened pigs intended for slaughterhouses, which uses the integration system, meaning, the outsourcing of the facilities and workforce needed for the breeding and fattening of pigs, and the supply of raw materials to the farms: genetics, animals, compound feed, medicines, work material and technical advice.

Swine integration contracts are legal agreements of partnership between pig farmers and integrating companies, where the integrating company must provide with the necessary means for the animals care, give advice to the integrated party, and acquire the whole production obtained; while the integrated partner is bound to take care of the pigs, either for fattening or reproduction purposes, under the integrator’s control, and to deliver the production obtained during the agreed period in exchange of a payment.

With this system, the integrated partner provides the facilities and other goods and services needed for the performing of the business activity, and is committed to take care of the pigs. Whereas the integrating company contributes with the animals, production means (food, medicines, ..) and the necessary services (veterinaries, logistics, ..) contractually agreed so that the integrator may develop its activity and meet the objectives settled. 

Inga Food, as part of Nutreco Group, provides compound feed of the best quality from Nanta Group, having a large group of professionals with wide experience in the sector, able to take care of the management and technical handling of the farm.