The Lider Program, commercialization of white pigs and Iberian pigs

The Lider Program gives to the Nutreco Group customers the chance of commercializing their pigs through Inga Food, benefiting this way from Inga Food’s agreements with slaughterhouses, industry operators and distribution channels.

The Lider Program also helps pig farmers to implement quality-ensured programs which are demanded by the industry sector, distribution operators and consumers, in order to guarantee food safety, and contributing this way to the sustainability of their businesses. Lider is a byword for professionalism.

Pig farmers who join the Lider Program get a greater profitability thanks to:

  • Better zootechnical results based on a controlled feeding
  • Negotiation efficiency as being part of a joint offer
  • Transparency in the relationships, the pig farmer obtains 100% of the price paid by the slaughterhouse
  • Guaranteed payment