The Iberian Pig

The Iberian Pig, the Spanish pig

Inga Food has become the reference producer of Iberian pigs, reaching leading production figures in the sector

Based on our wide experience in the production of white pigs, we have brought our know-how to the Iberian pig sector, yet always preserving some of the tradition so as not to lose the essence of the product, being able to provide the final consumer with an excellent food with the highest quality standards.

We have implemented integrated production systems which have enabled us to increase the farmers’ professionalization, as well as to optimize the productive processes in order to ensure the necessary traceability for the proper operating of the business, all with the ultimate aim of guaranteeing animal health and food safety.

This experience has resulted in the development of our own maternal sow line, the Iberian sow “Castúa”, which allows us to develop a tailored product for the requirements of our clients, being able this way to produce the desired product at the right moment and in a more efficient way.