Production and commercialization of certified beef

TAURUS is a company project (Nutreco) aimed for the production of quality-ensured beef in our compound feed clients’ farms, and its later commercialization in approved slaughterhouses.

TAURUS is basically a supporting program for Nanta compound feed clients, aimed at those cattle farmers convinced of our business proposition, with excellent relationships with our Organization, and true to our technical and nutritional parameters.

From the point of view of the farmer, TAURUS’ main goal is to enable the livestock farms under the brand to obtain a greater profitability through 4 ways:

  • Supply of controlled food (zootechnical results)
  • To be a part of a group of calves of joint negotiations  (negotiation efficiency)
  • System for agreed prices
  • Guaranteed payment         

In order to achieve those objectives, TAURUS stablishes and keeps stable agreements (win to win) with other operators of the sector which also take part on the food chain (exporters –ships -, slaughterhouses, butchering rooms, sales points, etc.), based on:

  • Proved financial solvency
  • Food Safety
  • Regular and continuous supply of certified animals
  • Market prices   

We are currently commercializing the following products:

  • Pure or crossed bullocks  (añojo)
  • Pure or crossed heifers
  • Montbeliarde – Simmental
  • Frisones
  • Bulls
  • Cows