Other innovation projects

In search of continuous improvement

As a result of our continuous effort in developing our business in an efficient and sustainable way, we keep involved in research projects.

  • Supported by the strength of Nutreco Group and Nanta, we are working on different projects aimed for the improvement in animal nutrition. 
  • Plan Nacional Resistencia AntibióticosLikewise, and as a proof of our commitment towards the Society, we are working hard in the production of animals free of antibiotics, and we have started performing tests with highly successful results. 
  • As a complement to the Castúa Project, we are developing a boar testing center which provides us with the chance of bringing the results of the genetic selection more quickly into the production, resulting in the end in a greater efficiency. 
  • Along with all these projects, we also work in researches related to domotics (automation), robotics and environmental control at farms, in sum, efforts to incorporate all the emerging trends to swine production.