Inga Food Quality Management

Inga Food’s main goal is to optimize the swine meat chain, providing the most efficient production possible to our clients and a safe and reliable product

We were awarded with the ISO 9001:2015 (ER-2090/2003) by AENOR, becoming the first Company of the sector in achieving such distinction in 2003.

We also have the Traceability System Certificate in the Swine Sector –Regulation CE-178/2002 (art. 18), nº TP-05.318, awarded by Calitax in 2005.

In addition, we have the AENOR Certificate on Animal Welfare at Livestock farming for the production of Iberian pigs of montanera, certification based on the European reference Welfare Quality®, aimed for reconciling the social concern with the market demands, in order to develop reliable monitoring systems at farms, products information and improvement of Animal Welfare.

Certificado AENOR ISO-9001 Certificado AENOR ISO-9001 Certificado Calitax Certificado AENOR del Bienestar Animal de Explotaciones Ganaderas

In order to comply with these quality requirements, Inga Food objectives focus on:

  • A maximum optimization of the costs-production.
  • Ensuring food safety and reliability of the pigs produced for human consumption.
  • A prime product in its genetics, feeding and handling for the clients’ needs.
  • A manufacturing in compliance with the statutory requirements, the applicable regulation and the current social demands. 

To achieve all this, Inga Food has very fluid communications with its clients, who accurately convey their needs to Inga Food S.A., and relationships also very fluent with Nutreco through NANTA, its sole compound feed supplier.

All these relationships, combined in the production of pigs by means of a traceable, controlled and standardized system, allow us to optimize the value of the pork chain.