A reference Company in the sector

Inga Food participates actively in the sector

Asociación Nacional de Productores de Ganado Porcino (ANPROGAPOR)

Since its origins, Inga Food has contributed actively to the sector in Spain. We are a leading member of the National Association of Pigs Producers (ANPROGAPOR), a non-profit organization representing the interests of pig producers in Spain, and of which we are a part of its governance bodies.

Asociación Interprofesional del Cerdo Ibérico (ASICI)We are also part of the Inter-Professional Association of Iberian Pig (ASICI), a non-profit organization for the Inter-professional Agri-food Industry (OIA), which has parity of representation for both animal husbandry organizations and Iberian pigs processing industries.

INTERPORC Interprofesional Porcino de Capa BlancaAnother Organization in which Inga Food takes actively part is INTERPORC, again a non-profit organization of national scope, regarded by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment (MAGRAMA) and composed by organizations from the Production, Processing and Commercialization of the white pig sector. We are currently holding the presidency by our General Manager, Manuel García Lorenzo.

Lonja MercolleidaOnce again, and always contributing to the development of the sector, we belong to the  Llotja Agropecuària Mercolleida.

Lonja Agropecuaria de ExtremaduraAnd last, we also belong to the Lonja Agropecuaria de Extremadura.