Nutreco Code of Ethics

Nutreco is a caring company. We value integrity and openness. And we expect everyone in the company to think and act in that spirit.

But everyday life is not always that straightforward. From time to time we all face a challenging situation in which it is difficult to decide what to do. That is why we have a Code of Ethics. The Code reflects the values of Nutreco and helps you decide what is right and what is wrong. It provides guidance on doing business in the best way.

A key element is “if in doubt, ask”. Challenging situations often involve dilemmas.  For example when acting ethically may lead to a direct loss of business. Dilemmas can and should be discussed and resolved by talking to your supervising officer, your local management or the local Compliance Officer. And in some occasions, the dilemma will be taken to the Executive Board for guidance.

Nutreco will not tolerate corruption or bribery. This approach is driven by the tone set from the top. Together with the help and support necessary, it allows us to do our jobs in a manner that complies with our internal standards and the law.

The Code of Ethics is accompanied by a set of Directives on Business Integrity. These will give you further explanation and specific examples.

Nutreco encourages its employees to report any suspected violations of the Code, or other laws and regulations, through the normal reporting procedures. No employee will suffer as a consequence of reporting, in good faith, suspected violations of laws, regulations or company policies.

I strongly encourage you to read these documents. Only as a transparent company we can build strong and lasting relationships with trusted partners.  Because that is our way of feeding the future in a sustainable manner.

Knut Nesse,

CEO Nutreco

September 2014

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