Inga Food

Quality from the beginning

Inga Food is a Company that produces and commercializes fattened pigs. Being committed to the Environment, we always strive for satisfying the needs of our direct/indirect clients in the most efficient way possible, while preserving our commitment to the sustainability of the Planet.

We want to be the top leader in the Sustainable Animal Production for which we make continuous investments in innovation and we have implemented and strengthened an integral Quality Management System, which enable us to guarantee the traceability of our products and proves our full commitment to Food Safety.

We are a pioneering Company in Quality Certification keeping high standards on animal welfare and seeking the best practices throughout all phases of the Production System.

As the World leader in the Iberian Pig Production, we aim to take a leading role in developing a product of the highest quality able to make the consumer enjoy all the organoleptic attributes of a unique product worldwide.

We operate in most places of the Iberian Peninsula, in the areas of Aragon, East, Murcia, Extremadura, Madrid, Castilla la Mancha, Portugal, Castilla León and Catalonia, with the sole mission of being the leader with a sustainable company.